Prometheus Design Werx Ti-NATO Strap 22mm OD Green


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The classic NATO watch strap was originally put into service in 1973 by the British Ministry of Defense. It was made from a thin nylon ribbon and issued with chrome-plated brass buckles and ribbon loops. PDW decided to use titanium in the manufacture of the buckle and loops to ensure total corrosion resistance on land or underwater. Furthermore, these are 100% non-magnetic and thus ensure a clean interaction with compasses worn on the belt. Since the industrial spread of rare earth magnets, which are now more and more common in bags, purses, key fobs and other EDC, it has been observed time and again that these have a negative, magnetizing influence on the stainless steel components of many watches and their sensitive precision mechanics. The PDW Ti-NATO watch strap reliably eliminates magnetic interference and offers superior performance and robustness under all operating conditions.

This version of the PDW Ti-NATO strap – here in the color OD Green – is suitable for all common watches with a 22mm strap connector.

  •  Modern version of the classic NATO watch strap
  •  Suitable for watches with 22mm strap connection
  •  Strap loops and buckle made of titanium
  •  The loops and closures are 100% corrosion-resistant
  •  Highly robust and flexible nylon tape
  •  Classic OD green
  •  Pin buckle
  •  Suitable for both narrow and wide wrists
  •  100% non-magnetic loops and closures
  •  PDW lettering lasered on the clasp

Color:  Olive
Dimensions:  Total length: 290mm / bandwidth: 22mm / thickness: 1.4mm
Material:  nylon / titanium
Model:  Ti-NATO strap 22mm


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